Saturday, June 24, 2006

kitten history

today was another special day.

number one, the kittens are 3 months old today... unofficially. the shelter people do not know their exact date of birth due to their background story. which i will share in a moment. but yes. three months and they're already so smart, and still so curious and rompy.

number two, the kittens got to go on the patio again! word to the wise - kittens do not like harnesses as much as one may think. in fact, they tend to walk around like something is pressing heavily on their little backs. we altered the harnesses into collars and it went a lot better. kittens like to walk everywhere, though. including in broken glass and almost to their falling death. and also, everywhere. around every chair leg, table, and crack in the deck did their little strings go.

this is cally and bruce. bruce is to mox as cally is to squig. bruce has been adopted but not poor little cally. they look remarkably like our little furkids. and this is how our dear little friends made their way into our hearts... moxley and squiggle were born with two other little fuzzy guys, in a barn in collingwood. the foster says they were "terrified of people initially. We brought them into the foster program when they were 6 weeks old. At 6 weeks we separated the four and put them in pairs of two putting one confident and one shy kitten together so that they could get lots of personalized attention in the foster homes."

we're not sure which one was "shy." but they're official birthday with the shelter is march 24, so that's what it shall be. and their adoption day was may 14th, so that's another day in the month to celebrate kitteny goodness.

now they're both asleep on the very top steps to the patio. they have had another wonderfully rompy day, and now again are drifting off to dreamland of roaring and exploring on the plains and maybe the patio.

Friday, June 23, 2006

todd's genius

todd's current genius is in making kitty-time videos. here is the first.

opening night

this is officially the first post in this chronicle of the lives of moxley and squiggle.

as you can see, it is a fancy occasion and mox has shown up in a lovely bowtie.

tomorrow is their birthday. and they are three months. and they are a lot bigger than a month ago.

today was special. the fuzzy kids had their first experience on the patio. given their bigger size, they shouldn't have been able to squeeze through any openings to their falling death. squiggle, ever the little explorer, immediately went for the space under the tallest wall, thereby exploring the neighbour's patio. ignoring the "spsss" noises and the "squiggle! get over here now!" from the 'mom' human, she explored fully until something moving under the wall caught her attention. stealthily she approached and pounced and protested in squeaky mews as i put down the stick and picked her up.

the kittens need collars or maybe harnesses. maybe they'll receive some tonight made with hemp by momma.

squiggle has taken to sitting in the windowsill and it is the cutest. and as always, they are sleeping in the oddest positions sometimes.

now they sleep soundly on other side of me, lying in the exact same position as each other. as the kittens drift off to dreams of chasing mice and birds and antelopes in the savannah, this post comes to an end.