Tuesday, July 04, 2006

just another day

not too much to report on the kitteny end. moxley's currently playing around with a bead by my feet, and squiggle's just noticed and pounced in. except now she's re-discovered her food.

yesterday was fun. we were home with the kittens all day. and we cleaned the house so they have more room to tumble around, and we set up our new little table beside the stove, in which their food is now located. all sheltered from the kicking feet of rompy kittens. yes, that's right. gone are the days when we'd come home to find kitten kibble all over the floor, kittens looking up all innocent and confused as to how their delicious crunchies were no longer edible because they weren't where they were supposed to be. and no, of course they couldn't eat them off the floor. what do we think they are? mere dogs? pathetic floor-scavenging creatures? that was, until we would try to clean it up and suddenly there would be kittens all up ins, eating and dragging and playing with the kibbles, right from our hands back into the middle of the living room floor.

ahh, life with kittens. waking up at 6, 7, 2-minutes-till-the-alarm-at-8, to purring kittens who want petting and attention and to curl up. but mostly to lie down until you're almost asleep, and then to get back up and walk on your face and lick at you with their adorable, scratchy, painful little tongues and purr louder and get all over you and your dreams. and one to curl up, sleepy and purring and adorable and (finally) peaceful, until the other one wants to curl up too, but the first doesn't allow that. no, sir. this is my curl up human, he says, i bite you now. and the other kitten protests and a fight begins and dear-god-can-i-just-get-2-more-minutes.

i swear, if there's a terrible twos for kittens, it's the 3 month mark.

however, they are still the adorables. no doubt. and who wouldn't rather wake up to a purring, loving kitten than a dude on the radio talking about bullshit? i love my kitteny goodness.

oh yeah, happy canada day.


Anonymous stephanie "tanner" said...

aaaaaaw that's the picture of squiggle in the basket when she fell asleep playing.... ha ha ha ha. that was so great. I have to come visit you guys again!!!

4:38 PM  

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